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Mykonos, Greece

MAy 11 2019 - MAY 17 2019

Welcome All...

TREND45 “Villa Apollo” is a networking collective that is built upon international travel events and influencer driven creative media. We are dedicated to building brand awareness through providing a once in a lifetime experience to influencers across the world. We create real brand and social influence by bringing creative talent from different places across the world; under one roof; for one week. We’re no longer a state away. We’re no longer a weekend long adventure. We are now international and a week-long! We are always finding ways to outdo our events and we now realize with the help of the creative community we can test those limits. We will be bringing a dream vacation and creative networking together at one place for one week. The trendfam is going international for the second time! From amazing mansions to amazing views. We can’t wait to see you there! Be a part of the movement. We are also very proud to say FEEL ALIVE ENTERTAINMENT is involved in the making of this event.

Whats included in ALL packages?

  1. A week in a beautiful estate in Mykonos Greece

  2. Professional networking and shooting

  3. Old town of Mykonos excursion

  4. Snorkeling / Jet skiing/ waterslides

  5. A private Yacht charter

  6. Daily Maid Service

  7. Three swimming pools on estate property

  8. Authentic Greek catered food three meals a day

  9. Feel Alive Entertainment night clubbing

  10. Transportation included in every excursion

Benefits from attending TREND45?

  1. A great way to travel the world on a budget

  2. A way to network and create art with talented artists

  3. A safe place to unwind and photograph with others

  4. Exposure with brands, influencers and creatives

  5. Being apart of a movement

  6. Creating great content

  7. A sense of trust within the community

  8. Love and respect in all aspects of acceptance

  9. An experience that you will not find anywhere else

  10. Memories and friends that will last a lifetime

Villa Apollo Basic Package
2,500.00 3,000.00
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Villa Apollo Premium Package Ticket
3,500.00 4,000.00

-Airfare Included

-Transport to and from airport included

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TREND45 Exclusive Ticket
10,000.00 15,000.00


Limited exclusive package.

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“TREND45 to me is a family; It’s a safe place, It’s a place where you can be yourself, It’s a place to create, It’s a place to be you.”

-Nadia Black

“In just two years we went from underestimated to praised. We built an empire not to just raise awareness for a good cause but also provide and experience you will NOT find anywhere else. That’s TREND45”

-Jared Micheal Scott

“Models, photographers, creatives, etc: are you interested in a luxury experience paired with otherworldly excursions while networking with likeminded individuals? Ask me about traveling to Bali, Indonesia with the most fun creative family of all.”

-Brooklyn Caldwell

“Whoever said you that your dreams aren’t possible needs to sit down. I went from the kid who everyone made fun of to the kid they can’t stop talking about. A luxury vacation and a photoshoot with not one photographer but twenty. Not one hour but one week! How are you spending your spring break?

—Remy Lewbel

“TREND45 is a great opportunity to meet new photographers and connect but its also a way to find a family of people just like you who matter. Wonderful experience and good friends.”


“Honestly, It’s all about how bad you want it. TREND45 is an opportunity. A place where you can come and create the art that could potentially change the course of your career. Our creatives are innovative trend setting artists. We define the art for tomorrow”

-Sarafina Johsnon

“Sometimes, you experience something in life that you cant describe but can only feel. That's what Trend45 is to me. What started as a collective of creatives, slowly turned into good friends, that turned into family. Its more than just a networking event. It's an escape. A way to practice your craft and get new ideas from new people. Working together to create something greater. Seeing the world, and growing are just a few of the things to take away from Trend45. Trend has showed me that a weekend can feel like a lifetime, giving you memories you'll never forget!”

-Trevor Norman

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